I can’t remember when was the last time I went to the zoo. Today, I took a day off from work, to go for an outing to the zoo with my family. I know, it’s very random to go on a midweek, but who cares haha

We started off early in the morning, to avoid the crowd and have more time to spend before Zuhur.

Ohh how I missed to have free days and witness the sunrise

Here I will let the pictures do the talking

Our welcome photo before we embarked on the journey. Look at all them happy faces behind the masks 😅
Cute otters running and climbing through the trees
Ok this was a bit interesting. As seen on the centre of the picture, there are pelicans under the trees. Then what are the vines/ropes attached between the trees for?
Yes, those are for the gibbons (a primate species) to swing around. Some of the primates that are kept at the zoo: Orang utan, gibbons, chimpanzee, siamang, lemur and others
This slow walking primate is a Sumatran Orang Utan. She seemed to have aged from the look on her face and the way she walked.
Next up, the Asian elephants. Unfortunately, their feeding time had just over when my niece wanted to feed them.
Refuelling ourselves with some light refreshments
On our way to see the white tigers and lions (my niece really wanted to see them), we spotted few zebras and an ostrich in a same area
Can you spot the lion? The roaring caught our attention, but this was what we spotted after searching for them. Probably they had just finished their meals hmm

Below are some reptiles and amphibians that we managed to see

They are good at camouflaging, aren’t they?
Look at them swimming beautifully
Next up, we entered the butterfly aviary. Where all the butterflies flying around us. My niece loves butterflies so much
Does this look familiar? Yeah, this was how we spotted the white tiger, similar to the lion’s position. I guessed they all feel what I feel, to just laze around haha
I love to see how they swim. They look exactly like ballerina. Those are pygmy hippos
Before departing the zoo, we watched a show called ‘Rainforest Fight Back’. It was a short show perhaps due to the current situation.

Since we became tourists in our own country so we went to the souvenir shop to buy some ‘souvenirs’ haha

Aren’t these stuff cute? Hehe

Signing off for this post. Till next time! Take care everyone.


It saddens me knowing that most of the people “love” or “care” for others as much as they could use them. When the benefits stop, their loyalty fades as well.

Remember that what goes around comes around. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Treat people with kindness. It really costs nothing to be kind to others. Especially to your parent.

3rd year

Today marks my third year of working. Alhamdulillah I survived the ups and downs, which initially I have always had a self-doubt on it.

From the start of my working life, I had always hated the environment, the changes and the unfamiliarities. But as days, months and years passed, I believe that I am supposed to be where I am today.

A lot of things have happened, and who knows that I will be spending my 3rd year in another workplace. But I told myself this is just a beginning. There are more to come, embrace yourself and enjoy the journey.

Ps. I am elated that some of my colleagues from my previous workplace are joining us next week. Hopefully everything will work out well and as planned.

Updates & Eid 1441H

InshaAllah this coming Tuesday, I will be deployed out to another community hospital. It was quite a sudden decision to begin with. I mean like, I know that somedays I will be deployed out, but it didn’t occur to my mind that it will be this soon.

Honestly, I feel sad to leave my current workplace. For almost 3 years I have worked in this place, I have seen the changes, I have seen people came and left and most importantly I have built good relationships with my colleagues, not just from my department, but from other departments too.

I am unsure whether I will be coming back or not. This is the uncertainty that keep running through my mind. However, I will try to look on a brighter side. Where I get to meet new people (though I have known some of them), I get to learn new stuff and last but not least, I get to upgrade my working skills at my new workplace. May He ease everything for us.

Ps. I am writing this on the night of Eid. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone Eid Mubaarak, may Allah accept all our deeds.

Though this year Eid is different from usual, we should be grateful to be blessed with our families to celebrate our Eid with. In hindsight, this unusual has its hidden blessings and has taught us several lessons such as spending more time with our families, focusing on our ibadah and not spending our money on unnecessary stuff.

May we continue and steadfast with the good habits beyond the month of Ramadhan. May Allah give us chance to witness the next Ramadhan in a good state of health and iman. Aamiin.